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Use fresh flowers smartly & sparingly -Wedding Budget Tip #4

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Image Courtesy: The fhoto weddings

I love fresh flowers just as much as you do, but when it comes to planning a wedding, they could burn a hole in your pocket pretty fast.

No doubt that flowers are beautiful & they are a priority for many at their weddings. Depending on the season, fresh flowers can be quite costly. Though at Indian weddings most decorators order flowers for your wedding once the décor cost is conveyed.

Image Courtesy: The Fhoto Weddings

Choose your wedding décor smartly. There are décor ideas that are filled with fresh flower panels, orchid droppings & much more. You could substitute the flowers for artificial ones. Using artificial flowers gives out the same beauty & the restrictions of choosing a décor based on fresh flower cost can be eliminated.

Also, a great tip is that you could mix fresh & artificial flowers, especially use the artificial flowers at places above 6ft. This way any décor areas above a person’s reach can be filled with artificial flowers, a great cost reduction strategy.

Image Courtesy: smileymedia

If you are not the one who prefers artificial flowers for your wedding décor, you could go with simple wedding decors with frames & beautiful extravagant structures & use fresh flowers to enhance the beauty.

There are many alternative simple wedding decor inspirations to fresh flowers. Origami designs are always in trend & they can be customized for your wedding décor. We have a client who used a lot of DIY paper flowers done by children of the art school. Do you want a unique wedding? These are some ways that you can get creative & go all out on your wedding.

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