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Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals - Everything you need to know!

Tamil Brahmin or TamBrahm as many people refer to are the Brahmins originated from Tamil Nadu. Tamil Brahmin weddings are known for their extensive rituals that have a spiritual symbolism with utmost importance. In recent years, classic Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals are done with some additions of modern events/ more cultural events like Mehendi & Sangeet. Some prefer to give the Tamil Brahmin Wedding rituals a modern twist to be relatable.

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Nichyathartham - Tamil Brahmin wedding rituals

On an auspicious day, the bride & groom exchange rings marking their love for each other. Sounds familiar? Engagement is one of the most common rituals in wedding a ceremony throughout the world. On this day, the date & time of the wedding is fixed by a Pries who reads the Lagna Patrika, the one that contains all the information about both the families & their ancestors.

Pandha Kaal Muhurtham - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

This ritual happens either at the wedding venue or at bride's/groom's home. Elders plant a pillair fot the pandhal which symbolizes the announcement of the wedding.

Sumangali Prarthanai - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Sumangali prarthanai is done by married woman to invoke the blessings of female ancestors who have passed away. The married women women are invited by a sumangali to their home and a traditional feast is served in banana leaf as they adorn themselves in a traditional 9yard saree.

Vratham - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha & Sanyasa are the four ashrams in a Hindu's life. The groom seeks permission from his father to break his Brahmacharya & enter into the next ashram of life. Bride & groom chant mantras & a Raksha is tied on their wrists for protection.

Janavasam - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

The groom & his family is welcome at the wedding venue by the bride's family in a grand procession.

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Kashi Yatra - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

A dramatic, fun-filled ritual. The groom pretends to leave to Kashi to know more about religion & spirituality, while the bride's father offers his daughter's hand in marriage & this makes the groom return tho the mandapam & get married.

Mangala Snanam - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Sumangalis prepare a paste of turmeric water, sandalwood & other items which will be applies to bride & groom's face, hands & legs. This happens at the crack of dawn & at recent times have turned into a fun-filled event where both families mix some unexpected items into the water & have fun with bride & the groom.

Malai Matral - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Overseen by their respective maternal uncles, the bride & groom exchange garlands to represent the unification of two souls.

Oonjal - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

The oonjal symbolizes the turns of life which the couple is expected to cope with. Oonjal decor is unbelievably gorgeous & few familes prefer to sing some songs during this ceremony.

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Pidi Suthal - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Sumangali aunts waves balls of white, red & yellow rice, depositing them at all directions. This is done to please tha plants & Gods at all the directions. Once done, a lamp is carried around the couple after pouring some water around them.

Kannikadhanam - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

eBefore the couple ties the knot, the bride sits on the lap of her father & is showered with blessings & gifts. The priest places on a sacred grass & Gold Mangalyam places a yoke on the head of the bride.

Mangalyadharanam - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Groom ties Mangalsutra around the bride's neck as the traditional getti-melam plays in the background. A turmeric thread is also ties around the brides' neck in three knots

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Paani Grahanam - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Chanting the hymns, groom holds the bride's hand conveying the God that they have ordained & will live as man & wife without parting ways.

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Saptapadi - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

The groom & bride take seven steps together, hand in hand. As they take their steps, they chant hymns that represnt food, strength, wealth & prosperity, love & affection, opportune time, progeny & lasting friendship - all the essentials of life.

Ammi Midithal - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

The bride steps o n a grinding stone, symbolizing that the bride's mind should be rock-like & strong, unwavering to the trials of life.

Arundathi Nakshatram - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

The couples look at the constellation, as the groom shows the bride the double stars of Arundathi & Vashista, symbolic of marital fullfilment & loyalty.

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Nalangu - Tamil Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Nalangu is a fun after-wedding ritual, a game like for the bride & groom to break the formality of the functions. A relaxing ceremony with games, songs & laughter.

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