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Plan a beautiful wedding at your home -Wedding Budget Tip #7

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Image Courtesy: aksmokefilms

There are so many amazing benefits to hosting a home wedding. A place of memories & a place of the family makes for a day that’s noteworthy & just yours. Nothing says love like sharing one of the most important moments of your life at your home. For a home wedding, apartments are rarely suited, you need to consider private homes and need considerable attention to logistics, parking & other amenities.

Based on the sizes of your home & that of your guest list, it's important to consider factors like wedding home décor, catering setup & hosting rooms. If you have a garden, your home wedding can be planned accordingly.

Image Courtesy: aksmokefilms

Match your wedding home décor to the aesthetics of your home. There are so many beautiful wedding home décor ideas that you would love! If you have a colorfully painted home, a light & mellow wedding home décor may not suit you. Plan the decoration for your home wedding with your home aesthetics & surroundings in mind. Personalize your wedding home décor with photographs, memories & create new ones.

Utilize the entire property. You can have a beautiful entrance décor/ pathway in your driveway. Embrace all the outdoor & indoor elements of the venue. Use the spaces that have a special meaning to you. A home wedding can be made as intimate as possible.

Image Courtesy: aksmokefilms

Have a Weather plan. If you have planned an outdoor wedding, be ready for plan B in case of rain. Match your home wedding time with the weather plan. You don’t have to sit in the scorching sun if your muhurta timing is mid-morning.

Transportation. I bet you feel relieved when you think about all the transportation you will be avoided by having a home wedding. All your wedding prep will be happening in one place & you will have a chance to personally be involved in them.

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