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Do your research. Compare & explore all your options -Wedding Budget Tip #6

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The digital world has made it easy for us to dive right into planning our wedding & start blocking wedding decorators, live musicians, photographers & venues. Before you dive into it, there is a few key information you need to be armed with before you start talking to vendors. This shall be your pre-vendor checklist & selection list.

Image Courtesy: Pixelena Studio

Before you start comparing, have you created your budget? Once you have done that, you get an idea of how much you are willing to spend for each of the services & how much you can allot for your wedding purchase.

Surf. Prior to approaching your local vendors, get an idea about all your options online. Are you looking for a venue? Outdoor or indoor? What is the capacity you need? Do you need an AC hall? If you are looking for a place in your locality, just look up online for the wedding venues & their amenities. You will be able to shortlist based on it.

Image Courtesy: SmileyMedia

There are some amazing wedding websites for inspiration & Pinterest & so much more for your décor, photography ideas, and others.

If you are going for a wedding planner, check out all their services thoroughly before you book them. We always suggest you go with an individual photographer, but if you prefer your wedding planner then make sure to get all their samples & confirm if the same person will be the one covering your wedding.

From the time you choose a design for your wedding invites, you have multiple options from printed invites to DIY wedding invites

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