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DIY Wedding welcome sign boards that are perfect to greet your guests!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Wedding welcome sign board can be a really fun way to point out directions to your wedding guests. Wedding sign boards & name board are amazing to customize. You can pick any style from a minimal one to a grandeur one. Wedding signs are usually used inside the wedding venue & wedding name board are kept outside the venue & at the entrance. Sign board are usually done in small sizes like 3*2 or 2*2. Entrance boards are typically 6*3 and the outside main entrance board depends on your entrance are. The name board are mounted on easel stand which you can get it easily for rent or you could place It on drums, tables or give it a small support with wood stands.

Wooden Wonders

Now on an important note, signboards are necessary when your wedding venue is in a remote location or even if your venue is spread across acres of land. Print your wedding welcome board or make small signboards with cardboard & chart paper and mount it on wooden sticks. Now your guests can easily find their way without having to call you

Artistic courage

You could go all artistic and hand paint them, add some fluorescent paint to your reception sign & name boards. That would look really gorgeous!

Old School Wedding Welcome Board

We can do some old school magic - Use chalk board & write a simple welcome message on the board & decorate it with beautiful floral arrangements. It is nostalgic & as well as welcoming them in a classic way.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors. If you are having a royal wedding & “grandeur” is your theme, the mirror-based wedding welcome sign board will be a magnificent touch. Who doesn’t love mirrors?

Eccentric Phoebe

Signboard don’t have to be boring You can have some fun with them & add some quirky quotes at the venue. All of us know about the famous ‘blah’ concept for washrooms. You can start there.

Fun element

If you are going for a printed wedding welcome board, you can personalize with quotes, caricatures & your pictures. Add some quirky ideas, your private jokes or some really fun memories to your wedding welcome board.

Stamp It

Personalizes stamps are so in right now! Make it relatable to your wedding theme. If you have made a personalized wedding stamp, you can use it on your welcome sign board & wedding welcome boards.

Wedding welcome boards are the first thing that your guests see at your wedding venue. They set the vibe for your wedding & a diy wedding wedding photo booth could be the perfect addition at your entrance pathway for your guests to click a picture!

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