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Simple & Thoughtful DIY Wedding Return Gift Ideas

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Weddings are filled with love, laughter & new family bonds. A wedding return gift is an appreciation, a memento for your wedding guests to travel back in time & and reminisce about your wedding day & their memories. Surprising your guests with gorgeous gifts is made easy with DIY wedding return gifts. No matter how small or big you have thousands of options when it comes to deciding on your wedding return gifts. Some may opt for a traditional wedding return gift with tamboolam bag & other may want to have something that is personalized or something grand. We have a list of options that would be a great option when you go for a DIY wedding return gift. Here are aour wedding return gift ideas:

Wedding return gift ideas

Indian handicrafts

If you are having guests from out of town, you can get them handmade gifts that will be new & something exciting for them to possess. If you love to create something, you can do it yourself or add a finish touch to a handmade product.

- Hand paint your initials or fingerprint on handcrafted mud pots.

- Cultural painting with a little personalized twist in the form of colors or engraving your wedding hashtag.

- You can add your wedding seal to handicraft items

- Hand embroidered clothing with your unique designs

Greenery Wedding return gift ideas

We are in love with bonsai trees! They are amazing, who could have thought one can have their own banyan tree at their backyard? Plants make a wonderful option for wedding return gift You can personalize them with some amazing packaging options. A growing gift could mark your wedding day forever.

Personalized notes Wedding return gift ideas

With a small wedding guest list, personalized notes are plausible & a great way to connect with your wedding guests. A small heartfelt note or a printed quote would be great return wedding gift for your guests.

Photographs Wedding return gift ideas

Instant photographs are becoming increasingly popular among to-be brides & grooms. You can design a frame with your wedding date or initials & mark you day. Your guests would loved to have a physical copy of their pictures & the gift involves them in a whole other way.

Homemade treats Wedding return gift ideas

Show your love through home cooked food. It doesn’t have to be a full meal or something complicated. Freshly baked cookies or cupcakes would be such a treat for your wedding guests to cherish. You could also make an assortment of locally found dishes or city famous ones and gift them a basket.

Check out our beautiful wedding welcome sign to greet your beloved guests!

Wedding return gift ideas

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