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Up your wedding fun with DIY Wedding Photo booth!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Wedding photo booth - photo booth ideas for wedding

Wedding photo booths add so much life to your wedding photos. We name our wedding photo booths as the fun portal. They are a great ice-breaker with all the quirky accessories & they have vibrant air to it, that you can actually feel when people are clicking photos in front of it.

It’s a lovable thing to have a beautiful photo booth at you wedding. All your guests are dressed up, looking gorgeous & want to make a memory out of it. Adding a personal touch to your wedding photo booths is creating a wedding memory for your family & friends. We have listed out some of the best DIY wedding photo booth ideas just for you!

Shot By: Rahul Sadagopan Photography

Photo booth ideas for wedding:

The rustic way - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

A wooden frame is all you need for an amazing rustic photobooth. You can glam it up with flower décor or greenery to make it look like a small garden wall/ forest is you may. Lot of small décor props go with a rustic wall. You can add up wood drums, stools & ferry lights to compliment your rusting wedding photobooth.

Go Quirky - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

Shot By: Rohan Mishra Photography

An auto, a bicycle, a rickshaw makes awesome fun photobooth ideas. They are colorful, vibrant & add lots of fun at weddings. They can be decorated in hundreds of ways! Inspirations to decorated motor vehicles at a wedding are unbelievable! The props & accessories are quirky and go well with your photo booth.

Oh Snap! - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

Shot By: Morvin Images

Photo frame cut outs hung on trees & decorated with lights are very beautiful & make aa gorgeous wedding photo booth for your reception. For your wedding, you can decorate the same with marigold flowers. Marigold flowers are a god send for DIY ideas. Trust us!

Awaken the child in you! - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

Balloons! Balloons are great for birthday parties yes, but have you seen customized bride & groom balloons? They are elegant! Yes, elegant! A gold & silver combinations of these balloons are your best friend at your wedding!

Rainbow of Chaos! - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

Shot By: The Wedding Story Official

Colorful umbrellas, they are some of the most sorted after decor props for a mehndi function. But they would be a great addition for your photo booth too.

Mix & Match! - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

Shot By: Rent My Photobooth

Bangles & origami. Origami is so popular at weddings, as they are beautiful, creative & highly customizable. Bangles & origami are an odd but super cool together decor props that are two of a kind.

Love is Handmade! - DIY Wedding Photo booth ideas

Hand painted or hand imprints wall. How cool is to have a photo booth that Is created by all your guests? Hand imprints with paint could get messy, yes. But what about finger print – tree shaped photo booth? Now that is something I definitely would want to keep!

For all the brides out there, these are some amazing DIY photobooth ideas for your wedding! You can check out our DIY wedding invites for more inspiration!

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