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DIY Wedding Invites: Create Beautiful, customized wedding cards

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

A personalized wedding invite goes a long way. You can DIY the entire wedding card by hand, for which the ideas are limitless – hand painted invitations, water-colored, calligraphy & so on.

Designing & making an entire wedding invite is both time consuming & hard-work. If you are not a very crafty person, adding little details to your wedding invite can make all the difference. You can add some amazing finishing touches to a customized printed wedding card.

Design: Jackie Crawford

1. Put a Ribbon on it!

A gorgeous little extra

A ribbon or a bow is a gorgeous little addition to your printed wedding card & you can add a little tag for an extra special touch. They make your wedding invitations look beautiful & is a simple addition to your diy wedding invites.

2. Let's Go Green!

Ah, nature!

You could give it a bit of garden touch by adding a peacock feather or flowers to your wedding card & give it a nostalgic feeling. You could go one step in further & make a complete eco-friendly card with some green touches.

3. Add some glitter

Let it Shine!

Add some glitters to one-side edge of your wedding invite & let it shine! Glitters could be a fun way to play with on your diy wedding card.

4. Get Your Own Personalized Stamp

Go you!

One of our top favorites, you can get a personalized wedding stamp to make it really funky or just include your initials for an elegant look. When you create a stamp, you can use it in return gifts, photo booths & make a memory out of it. Yes, personalized stamps are in trend now & you can find a huge variety of stamp designs online. You could also make one for the initials & one for adding your address & wedding date!

5. Seal it with Wax

Olde Worlde Luxe

Wax seal is another beautiful touch to your wedding invitations. They are cost-effective, simple & create a royal impression that will impress your guests! They are also elegant & if you are a Harry Potter fan, you can make it all the more customized!

6. Creative Edges

Fancy Patterns!

With a special punch or a pattern cutter, you can make your diy wedding card's edges fancy. They are easy to use & won't take much of your time to make all your diy invite cards look fancy. Pattern cutters are available in many stationary shops in different sizes & you can match the perfect one to your wedding card.

7. Themed DIY wedding cards

What's your theme?

Are you having a themed wedding? A wedding invite is the first & foremost your guests receive. If you are planning a wedding theme, create your wedding cards the same way. If your decor is a forest theme or a pastel wedding decor, create your wedding invites with your wedding theme in mind.

We hope you loved our simple & inexpensive ideas that will take your wedding cards up a notch! Take a look at our diy wedding return gifts!

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