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Amazing & Budget Savvy tips for DIY at your wedding

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Image Courtesy: Pixelena Studio

DIY at your wedding could be really fun & a bonding moment with your family. It could be tricky if you aren’t really a creative person & would like to purchase ready to fit items. Event then you could try your hand at few simple DIY décor for your wedding. Of course, one of the greatest advantages in DIY is that you save half the cost by making it yourself & on the other hand you will be spending a lot more time in creating DIY décor.

There are amazing creative ways to add a little DIY décor to your wedding without having to spend hours & hours gluing or searching for the right items. Now that would take the fun right out of DIY décor. We suggest including a mix when you decide to go for DIY items. You could buy some of the DIY items from known people, local shops which give you the “handmade with love” vibes. You can pool your resources & make a design of what you can do & what do you want to buy.

Now let’s get to the first question you have to ask yourself. Should I go for DIY or Not?

If you are short on time, DIY may not be the best option for you. When you opt for DIY, you have to a lot some time for the process & the execution time must be planned carefully. Have a clear idea of what you can do or more like what you don’t want to do. Consider the time available, who can help you out, a backup plan & a list of all the items you want to DIY. When this sounds plausible to you, what’s stopping you?

You have decided to go for DIY. What are the best items you can DIY for your wedding?

Wedding Invitation

A personal invite!

The key to add that extra touch to your wedding is to focus on the little details of the wedding. Adding a few personalized touches to customize your wedding will make your wedding guests set for the celebration. We have wounded up 12 simple ways to add a little DIY element to your wedding invite. Read More

Wedding sign board & name board

Way to fun!

Wedding signs & name boards: When you are planning your wedding, don’t forget that wedding signs are the first piece of decor your guests will see! Fortunately, there are many different ways to create one! Make one that helps set the mood for your wedding. Read More

DIY Photo Booth

Save Money, Capture Memories!

Image Courtesy: chaitanyahyra_photography

Photo booth is a great form of entertainment to keep your guests busy & make some wonderful memories that you can look back upon. If the backdrop for the photo booth is good, the rest falls into place. We have some amazing photo booth ideas for you right here! Read More

Wedding Return Gifts

Something shimmery!

Wedding return gifts: Your wedding guests make the day wholesome & their warm presence is something to be thankful for! A shimmery DIY memento for your guest as a thankyou is a part of your wedding. Here is a list of your best DIY wedding return gift options. Read More

DIY Wedding Décor

Create Your Style

Image Courtesy: Pixelena Studio

You read it right! Oh yes, you can create your own wedding decor & it doesn’t have to be stressful. You can show your persona style in a lot of ways & stick to your budget while doing so! Are you up for it? We have some beautiful ways for you! Read More

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