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Create Your Wedding Budget & Stick To It - Wedding Budget Tip#1

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Create Your Budget & Stick to IT!

If you want a chance of sticking to your budget, the first step is creating your wedding budget! This post is all about the tactics on how you can create your wedding budget and tips to save money on your wedding expense.

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Before you list your Wedding vendors or decide to go with a single vendor for your wedding, take the time to crunch the numbers & set your official wedding budget!

Before you get started on researching hundreds of websites, discuss with your fiancé & family what are your interests to include in the wedding.

And of course, ask yourself a few questions on what you need before you set your budget


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Do you want a big ceremony with an extensive guest list or an intimate ceremony with simple décor? There is a misconception that a big ceremony could be expensive & an intimate wedding ceremony could be done within a small budget.

Is it a big ceremony with a simple décor or an intimate wedding with extravagant décor & multi-cuisine catering? At every step of the way, your decision matters in setting your budget.

The type of wedding you want will influence setting your wedding budget.


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Once you have an idea of what type of wedding you want to have, it's time to talk money. Make time to have a sit down with all the parties involved in contributing to your wedding.

It's important to plan a wedding that’s not over your budget & find out how much everyone is willing to pinch in.


Once you get the idea about the money that will be contributed towards your wedding ceremony, you can make a plan on how much you will be able to contribute & set the final official budget for your wedding day.

Also, determine how much money you can save until your wedding for any other miscellaneous expenses.

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When you are making a plan, don’t overlook the fact that the planning process is a way to bond, an ice breaker between the families & it is supposed to be fun. It is often common to forget the fun part & concentrate only on the financials. Be the navigator.

Once the plan is in place, it is time to start making decisions & to put down deposits.

MADE THE BUDGET? Now it's time to know how to STICK TO IT!

No one likes overpaying. If you don’t have a budget plan, it is easy to overspend or go above your limits with one service & which would burn a hole in your pocket!

Stick to your budget. Easily said but more difficult to put into practice.

The keyword here is COMPARE. Get competitive prices from at least 3 vendors. Every vendor is different. Since the dawn of Pinterest, there are millions of choices in terms of design & outlooks which makes it easier for you to convey your expectations to the vendors. But to know how much they cost & to be sure that you are not overpaying for any of the services, always approach at least three of them.

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