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Choose your wedding invites carefully -Wedding Budget Tip #5

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

You could be thinking how much is a wedding invite even going to cost? Do you know how many types of wedding invites are there? From box invites to customized invites there are multiple options available to you. There are also green invites where the paper that you choose for your wedding invitations can itself be used to plant a tree. Amazing rite?

By: Design Dimensions

DIY invites & are amazing & also really fun to do. When I first entered the wedding planning field, I guessed that fancy invites are expensive when compared to traditional yellow invites. Oh, how wrong I was! Many beautiful wedding invitation designs are way more affordable than the traditional ones. This is mainly due to the thickness of the paper.

A lot of us go for two invite designs, one traditional wedding invite & an informal invite for our friends & co-workers. You could go for one invite which is a combination of two.

Many of the gorgeous wedding invites that you see online can be recreated by yourself if you have the skills & tools. You could create your design with help of some amazing tools found online.

By: Turmeric Inc

And there are WhatsApp invites. WhatsApp invites became especially prevalent during the Covid time. This greatly cuts your cost, travel time, travel expense & stress. It is a long-term tradition that the bride & groom’s family visit other families in person to invite them for the wedding. The times are changing now & people prefer to either send invites via post or WhatsApp invites. We do think this is one of the changes that would stick even after Covid. It is practical & on par with the changing times.

Before you select your wedding invite design, have you decided on your guest list? Know more on some tips & secrets to decide on your wedding guest list!

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