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Choose an Off-peak wedding date -Wedding Budget Tip #3

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The basic demand & supply rule works out for your wedding planning too. When you choose your wedding date during a peak season or also known as busy muhurtham, the price of wedding services is high.

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Let’s take a small example: 1 mozham malli during an off-peak season is Rs.50 whereas the same during a wedding season is Rs.150. Flower rates increase exponentially during the wedding season, but it's not the only one that does, have you checked hotel rates during off-season & peak season? The wedding venue is in great demand during peak seasons & this would resort you to compromise on the venue & that could change your wedding plans entirely.

Now you could be thinking “My astrologist gave us three dates & we can only choose from them”. Take this into account when you start to create your wedding budget.

In South India, weddings are not done in Aadi month (mid-July-mid August) unless you belong to the Brahmin community. This would of course be the perfect month for you to plan your wedding if your family is cool with it. Since it is an off-season time wedding venues, services, flowers, etc., can be blocked at reasonable rates.

Image Courtesy: Pixelena Studio

This is not one solution for all. There are also valarpirai, theipirai days during muhurtham dates which vary in different communities. And for those who are not into astrology & horoscope can check the off-season dates & plan your wedding just as you want.

Don’t fret about choosing an off-season date if your family doesn’t opt for it. You can have your dream wedding during peak seasons too if you plan it right.

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