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A complete guide to Kongu Wedding Rituals

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

EXTRAVAGANT| BEAUTIFUL| TRADITIONAL| CLOSELY-KNIT| PROUD are some of the words that describe a Kongu Wedding.

There are so many beautiful wedding traditions around the world and each has its own story of origin. We have seen it in movies, witness some of the most beautiful weddings, or maybe even had one! Culture & tradition are two words that come to our mind when we think about weddings. Around the world, weddings are vastly different in the traditions followed. Indian weddings are known for their colorful, fun-filled customs & traditional rituals.

Indian weddings hold their own charm, be it a Telugu wedding, Punjabi wedding, or a two states wedding.

Kongu is a closely-knit Tamil Nadu-based community. The people belonging to the community are called Kongu Gounders or Kongu Vellala Gounder. Kongu weddings are filled with beautiful traditions right from the guests, most of them are in the wedding as a part of a ritual. One of the oldest Indian communities, their traditions are cool, unique & you will get to know a lot more about them through us!


1) Porutham Parthal

This is the first step in a Kongu wedding. Before the wedding is fixed, it is important to check whether the boy & girl are a suitable match. The match is determined based on horoscope, qulaifications & based on preferences of individual families. This is similar to kundali matching that is done as the astrologer reads the birhc charts of both the bride & groom to determine the match.

2) Sagunam Parthal

Once the match is determined suitable for both the bride & groom, an auspicious date & times is fixed for both the families to meet & discuss on the wedding planning. Together they seek the blessings of their Kuladeivam (The subdivisions pf a Kongu community each have their own kuadeivam) to embark onto planning a beautiful wedding & for a happy marriage.

3) Nichyathartham - Engagement

Nichyathartham, similar to a North Indian Rokha ceremony is conducted on an auspicious date & time as fixed by an astrologer. From a simple in-house ceremony to a grand ceremony the engagement is conducted as per the wishes of both the families. The groom's family & the bride's family exchange plates of fruits, nuts & turmeric, kunkum marking the engagement.


Naal Virundhu - Kongu Wedding Ceremony

Naal virundhu is a combined feast with the close relatives of both groom & the bride's families.This the commencement fest of the Kongu wedding ritual.

Muhurtha Kaal - Kongu Wedding Ceremony

All the relatives help in setting up the pandhal on the second day of the ceremony. There are many rituals that take place within the family, traditions that have been followed for generations & all of them begin only when the muhurtha kaal is kept. In some families, the groom's side erect the pandhal first &the bride's family follows suit.

Patni Seer - Kongu Wedding Ceremony

This is the fun ceremony! A pre-wedding ritual where the groom & bride are bathed in several rounds of water, mixed with turmeric, herbs and these days what not! A friendly tip, schedule the patni seer a day before the ceremonies or well in advance to get rid of the smell & color of you! Trust us!

Inai Seer - Kongu Wedding Ceremony

Inai Seer is performed by the groom's sister for the bride. It is a symbolism of their bond & the sister-in-law welcoming the bride into their family.

Muhurtham - Kongu Wedding Ceremony

It's the Big Day! At an auspicious time, the bride & groom perform rituals & are married to each other as the groom ties the mangalsutra to the bride. The two exchange garlands and take three rounds around the agni.

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