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7 clever ways to save money on your wedding!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Image Courtesy: aksmokefilms

Organizing a budget wedding seems like an out-of-the-chain task but it’s something not so difficult to perform if you plan it well. Each year wedding budget planners come up with strategies to limit and organize Indian wedding expenses.

We’ve rounded up 7 of our very best tips for budget weddings from wedding budget planners to save you money on your big day, which you can find below. Before you start planning your wedding, you need a checklist of pre-wedding planning items required to purchase, rent/ customize. Once you have created the list, the next step would be identifying them & ways on how you can save money on each of them.

Just read our budget wedding tips for money-saving ideas. We hope these are helpful to you!

Wedding Budget Tip #1

Create Your Budget & Stick to IT!

Image Courtesy: weddingsbynaveenandrenu

Setting a budget for your wedding is the first and an important step in planning a wedding. But what should you include? Where should you start? Know more about how you can plan your wedding budget & the tactics that will help you stick to it! Read more

Wedding Budget Tip #2

Update your Wedding Guest List

Image Courtesy: updown_studios

One of the most effective ways to reduce your cost is updating & cutting down on your wedding guest list. The key is to prioritize. With a small wedding, you can save money on every item. Learn more on having a small guest list & the other ways you can update them! Learn more

Wedding Budget Tip #3

Choose an Off-peak wedding date

Your wedding date can greatly affect the cost of the celebration. Choosing your wedding date during an off-season time is more of a simple demand & supply theory. It Is one of the preferred ways for budget weddings. How much does it change your wedding plans though? Know what are the changes that happen when you choose an off-season wedding date. Learn more.

Wedding Budget Tip #4

Use fresh flowers smartly & sparingly

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, but they tend to come at a high cost. There are a lot more ways to make your wedding beautiful with amazing alternatives to fresh florals. Take a look at some beautiful alternatives for your wedding décor. Learn more.

Wedding Budget Tip #5

Choose your wedding invites carefully

Image Courtesy: Pixelena Studio

Opting for your wedding invite doesn’t need to be a difficult task. There are millions of options online in different price ranges. From a customized wedding card to a DIY wedding invite there are lot more cost-effective ways in choosing your wedding invite. Check out some of our ideas in this post on wedding invites. Learn More.

Wedding Budget Tip #6

Do your research. Compare & explore all your options.

Image Courtesy: akweddingsstudio

A detailed plan or a budget estimate requires research from the couples. Right from deciding on your wedding invite, you need to know your options before you settle for one. We are not talking about following every photographer on Instagram, that would lead to confusion. You could approach your friend or family & discuss your expectations and then research about them or alternatives for them. Read More.

Wedding Budget Tip #7

Plan a beautiful wedding at your home

Image Courtesy: aksmokefilms

Have you visited & re-visited wedding halls all over your city & still can’t find that cozy, intimate location for your wedding? So why not go for a home wedding? You love the idea, everyone loves the idea, but will it work? There are lots of things to consider before you plan for a home wedding. Learn more with our amazing tips to help you plan a beautiful home wedding. Learn More

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