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10 Amazing Types of Bridal Makeup every Bride-to-be needs to be aware of

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

It’s never so easy to choose what you are going to wear for your wedding. Everything matters! Or at least it feels so! We have something exciting for you to read!

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Which colour goes well with your skin tone? Antique jewellery or trendy? When you go for a bridal package, you get the makeup, hair, saree/dupatta draping & there is the whole pre-bridal treatment of hair, skin, waxing, manicure & pedicure. There are hundreds of questions running in your mind. We get the feeling. But it really doesn’t have to be that hard!

Before you make a choice, know the options available and upgrade yourself with a lot more information on bridal makeup. Getting to know what type would suit your skin tone better should be your priority. Professionals are a huge help! They guide you every step of the way. A bridal package includes your hairstyle for the big day, accessories, how you decide to drape your saree & bridal makeup. We have got you covered in this article with all the information you need on the types of bridal makeup.

1. HD makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

MUA: Mag Makeovers

HD or High Definition is the trend best types of bridal makeup because of the techniques opted to highlight your special features. This upcoming trend has combined its techniques with that of photography. Photographers tend to create HD photos using high-definition cameras and lights. The makeup artists’ efforts to make you look picture perfect which is something that every bride wants.

The products and techniques work with light-scattering that distracts the focus from blemishes, dark circles, and wrinkles. Artists use a variety of foundation shades to accentuate the curves on your face.

The trump card of HD makeup is that it doesn’t look cakey. It naturally blends with your skin and you won’t look unrecognizable to you!

2. Matte makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

MUA: Prafulla Kotary

If you prefer a non-shine powder texture, go for matte makeup. You will be in love with the velvety texture of your skin. Matte makeup is not shiny but, it has its glow & you need not go for glittery eye makeup or bright colors. For the summer brides, it’s an effortless option. The products used in the process, from primer to blushes, are extra oil-absorbing. It beats the heat and turns out to be glamorous. The best part is that you need not go for touch-ups every half hour as it remains stable on your skin for the whole day.

3. Mineral makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

Apart from your bridal makeup, healthy skin should be our utmost priority. Products rich in iron, zinc & other minerals will be used when you opt for mineral makeup.

You can stay clear of any synthetic products & this is one of the most popular types of bridal makeup. Moreover, it looks natural and adds a layer of beauty to your bridal skin.

If your sensitive skin fears makeup breakouts, then mineral makeup should be your topmost preference. Though it’s comparatively expensive than other forms of makeup, it is advisable to pay a bit more if your skin stays damage-free. Your skin shouldn’t be the cost of your heavy layered bridal makeup.

Mineral makeup can be all that you want & all that your skin needs. Adding on, it’s water-resistant and is seamless. You are going to look glamorous and, it’s nothing less than HD or traditional bridal makeup.

4. Shimmery makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

Eyes are a prominent feature for your bridal makeup and, nothing seems to be more embellishing than shimmery eyes. They make all the difference. Golden, silver, bronze and, all other glittery shades are picking up on the internet.

The best part is your glittery eyes and highlighted features grabs everyone’s attention. Shimmer eyes go well with both a minimal makeup base or a high shiny skin surface.

5. Airbrush makeup

This makeup uses liquid makeup products and evenly spread makeup on your face using a spray-like airbrush tool. They discard using sponges and brushes. Airbrush foundation gives a light feel & it’s thinner than the ordinary liquid foundation. A professional can work with an airbrush gun& you will get flawless coverage and, the makeup layer feels very light on your skin.

It gives a no-makeup look and suits the bride who wants a no-makeup look. The only limitation is that you have a lesser number of shades to choose from.

6. High shine makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

If you love the glossy look and want your skin to shine, go for high shine makeup. Shiny reflective skin and glossy lips are done using liquid products & highlighters. High shine makeup is done using a lot of essential oils and illuminators. We suggest a high shine makeup if you have dry skin. These types of bridal makeup would totally mask your dry skin & give a glow. Glittering eyes or bright lip colors can bring the best out of this look.

7. Smokey eyes bridal makeup

Smokey eyes are the most eye-catching makeup trend. They add worth to your dramatic bridal look or a bold makeup look. Soft smokey eyes blend well with your makeup and go along perfectly when it comes to your pastel lehengas or bridal sarees.

Dark smokey eyes look stunning with your bold bridal attire or if you want to be the OTT bride. It looks classy and also gives options to play with colors. Neon shades could be an experiment. Try it out if you want to break the chain and look different. The classic smokey eyes hues - black, blue, golden and, other metallic shades are always noticeable.

8. Traditional bridal makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

MUA: Prafulla Kotary

Red lipstick, pink cheeks & classic black eyeliner, glittery eyes is the look that appears in our mind when we think of Indian bridal makeup. It is never an outdated choice if you go for a classic look.With the advent of new products and techniques, makeup pros are introducing twists in the OTT bridal makeup following shimmer eye makeup and nude lips. Traditional bridal makeup varies in budget and is safe to customize. The idea behind it is to make you look like a diva effortlessly and represent your culture

9. Dewy bridal makeup - Types of Bridal MakeUp

Dewy makeup is your cup of tea if you want subtle or not too bright bridal makeup. Preferring dewy makeup gives you a moist base, bold brows, winged eyeliner, and bright lip color. It would turn out to be perfect for a modern bride.

10. Organic makeup

Organic makeup is universally flattering, skin-friendly and the use of natural products makes it more lovable. You can go for a professional or even create the look yourself. Ensure that your skin looks fresh and flawless. Lighter pinks and peachy hues encourage a more natural look.

We have given you a list of the types of bridal makeup that are most preferred. It is advisable to go for a makeup trial of whichever look you feel like opting for your wedding. To all the Brides-to-be, confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear! Take a look our 15 Latest Bridal makeup tips to enhance your look!

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